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"Moments are better captured."​

Samuel Young Lee is a photographer based in Toronto, Ontario specializing in portrait, travel, and adventure photography. When he's not taking photos you can find him rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking or backpacking. His love for the great outdoors and the less glamours ways of travel has given him opportunities to build genuine relationships with locals, allowing him to capture and convey their stories with integrity. 

Whether it’s crammed shoulder to shoulders taking local buses from Varanasi to Jaipur, filming a baptism in the Dominican Republic while being waist deep in water, taking drone shots in the deserts of Rajasthan or documenting the life story of a busker over the span of 4 months, these are just a few ways Samuel enjoys capturing the fullness of life.  

At his core, Samuel Young Lee is driven by a deep passion to help people uncover the most unique sides of themselves. 

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